CSS English (PRECIS & COMPOSITION) Syllabus, Past Papers CSS

CSS English (PRECIS & COMPOSITION) Syllabus, Past Papers

Total Marks: 100
Time Allowed: 3 hours

This CSS Exam subject's examination will be based on a 100 marks paper that will assess the candidate's abilities in Precis Writing, Reading Comprehension, Sentence Structuring, Translation, Grammar, and Vocabulary.

CSS English (PRECIS & COMPOSITION) examination will be based on a 100 marks paper that will assess the candidate's abilities in Precis Writing

I. Precis writing (20 marks)

For précising and recommending an acceptable title, a carefully picked text with an orientation of generic knowledge and adequate flexibility for compression should be offered. 15 of the total 20 marks allotted to this question will be used to summarise the material, and 5 will be used to offer a title.


II. Reading Comprehension (20 marks)

There will be a carefully selected piece that is substantive but not overly technical or discipline specific, followed by five questions for four marks each.


III. Grammar and Vocabulary (20 marks)

Correct use of tenses, articles, prepositions, conjunctures, punctuation, phrasal verbs, synonyms, and antonyms, among other things.


VI. Correction of Sentences (10 marks)

Each phrase must include an evident structural problem in terms of grammar or punctuation. Candidates will be requested to rewrite them with just the necessary corrections and no superfluous changes. There should be no more than two sentences with the same problem, and 2-3 sentences should be dependent on punctuation mark repair. 

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V. Grouping of Words (10 marks)

A random list of twenty words of intermediate difficulty (neither extremely easy nor very unknown) will be supplied to the applicants, who will sort them into pairs of words with similar or opposing meanings, as indicated in the question.


 VI. Pair of Words (10 marks)

Ten pairs of seemingly identical terms with various meanings, which are frequently misunderstood in communication, will be provided for highlighting the differences in meaning of any five of them by first clarifying them in parenthesis and then employing them in sentences.


VII. Translation (10 marks)

There will be 10 brief Urdu phrases with structural components, important words, and figurative/idiomatic expressions that must be appropriately translated into English.



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